How to share iPhone Application in development phase

One word answer is You can also use iOS Beta Builder  (thanks to and if you don't have an server you can use DropBox.

How Does Beta Builder Work?

1. Build your .ipa file using Xcode’s ‘Build and Archive’ option. Choose ‘Save to Disk’.

2. Launch BetaBuilder (or drag and drop the .ipa on to it). If you need to, select your .ipa file. The app should pre-fill the other details.

3. Enter your intended deployment URL. This is the URL on the Web where your beta will be posted / viewed in a browser. This info gets baked into the deployment file.

4. Hit ‘Generate Deployment Files’ and pick a location to output the files.

5. Upload the Generated files folder to you server or if you don't have a server upload it to a DropBox's public folder and share the public link of the index.html file to whom you want to share 

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