Prepopulate SQLite DataBase in PhoneGap Application

This is an old post, please refer: - a Cordova/PhoneGap plugin to open and use sqlite databases on Android/iOS/WP(8) with HTML5 Web SQL API

It is really hard to wait for too much time when a phonegap application runs for first time and create all its database stuff, which gives a really bad impression to the user who just downloaded the app for its iPhone or Android device. I have a little approach to save the long time taken for database creation at very first run of the app, that is; we should copy a Pre-Populated Database file to the native location of device.

Sprite3D or 3D HTML5

I think we can say 3D-HTML ;) because Sprite3D wraps HTML elements with the necessary behaviors to easily control their 3D-position using a simple JavaScript syntax. It gives AS3-style properties and derivative support, Lots of accessory methods with a basic support for sprite sheets. Sadly Sprite3D is only limited to chrome browser yet.

Official URI:


FlyJSONP is a small JavaScript library, 2.38KB (1.13KB gzipped), that allows you to do cross-domain GET and POST requests with remote services that support JSONP, and get a JSON response.

Official URI : 
Demo :!/demo

Zen Coding to boost your HTML and CSS

Zen coding is an IDE plugin to boost your HTML/CSS typing speed, all what you need to know is little Zen coding syntax and DOM XPath knowledge. It supports a wide variety of code editors, including Espresso, Vim, Netbeans, TextMate, and Komodo Edit. It combine the power and specificity of CSS selectors with HTML mark-up, and you get Zen Coding. Certainly, I wasn’t the only one whose jaw dropped the first time when i saw that with a single shortcut in my Dreamweaver, for div#wrap>div#content>amp>ul#nav>li*3 it populated

{LESS} for CSS

LESS is an amazing little tool which helps to minify your CSS by using some JS stuff, it extends CSS with the addition of variables, mixins, operations and nested rules, this means you can write code very quickly.

Sketch Me Pro Success

WOW! I am too happy today with the Growth of Sketch Me Pro.
My application Sketch Me Pro getting a huge success in Android App market, with more then 10k downloads in time period of less then 15 days. Today it is in top of hot photography apps category of,

Social network comparison

How to chose a Social networking site for our favorite services like Video Chat, Status Update, etc. lets have a look to a interesting comparison info-graphic.

Unique features of Android OS

There are other smartphone OS available out there, but Android have some individual features that other OS do not have like: 


knockout.js: A pure lightweight JavaScript library that simplifies the creation of dynamic user interfaces by MVVM (Model-View-View Model) architecture with cross browsers support. (something similar like Mustache.js)

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Open you blog's template in expanded mode for editing; Just after </head> tag add <script src='' type='text/javascript'/> and just after <data:post.body/> and following code snippet:

JS Fiddle

Suppose you want to test a JS snippet and test it, then all you have to do are; create a HTML page then write stuff on it then run it on a browser such a boring and long phenomena and these type of junk page we lost them almost in our huge file base and after a longtime when you really need this code or you want to share with you friend then you have to do a huge search to find that file..... get rid from all this with JSFiddle.


If you’re not familiar with these acronyms, they stand for Behaviour-Driven Development and Test-Driven Development, BDD is little more complex as compare to TDD here are some of the basic differences:


 Mustache.js is KISS(keep it simple stupid) Logic-less template engine quite useful when writing web applications.