Unique features of Android OS

There are other smartphone OS available out there, but Android have some individual features that other OS do not have like: 

Flash Player – Android phones entirely support flash applications and content with its flash player unlike the other OS system like iPhone’s iOS 4

Further Keys – Android phones are equipped with extra buttons and menu keys making them more user-friendly and simpler for navigation

Flash-enabled web browsers – Android phones make use of web browsers that are flash enabled and have better or perhaps double JavaScript performance than other phones

Media Transfer – transferring of files and folders are faster and less complicated with Android phones which can easily be used as USB devices, unlike the other phones such as Apple devices which have to go through iTunes to transfer media files

Cool Notifications  - SMS, chat, e-mail, and other alerts are efficiently organized after quickly being displayed at the very top of the screen without disrupting any activity you were currently doing at that moment. Other OS such as iOS 4 still maintains the old and interrupting pop-up notifications which need you to do something before you can return to what you were doing.

Widgets – unlike any other OS which puts all application icons directly on the home screen, which makes it tough to manage as applications pile up, Android phones employ customisable folders and widgets for less complicated access and arrangement * LED Notification Light – the LED light in Android phones will keep on blinking to let the user know that something new has occurred or a new notification was received 

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