JS Fiddle

Suppose you want to test a JS snippet and test it, then all you have to do are; create a HTML page then write stuff on it then run it on a browser such a boring and long phenomena and these type of junk page we lost them almost in our huge file base and after a longtime when you really need this code or you want to share with you friend then you have to do a huge search to find that file..... get rid from all this with JSFiddle.

In JSFiddle you can 
  • add HTML/JS/CSS code lines and simulate the result,
  • test it in most of popular JS frameworks
  • add remote location resources
  • share results and code with friends on twitter and facebook
  • embed in your site or share public link
  • TidyUp and JSLint you code snippet and lots more..

App URI:

An example of JSFiddle snippet

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