Hacking android app (Basic)

Search and download the apk file, you can use following links to search your apk if you don't have one

convert extension of the file from .apk to .zip and extract this zip, now you get the resources and other files, to get the classes decompile the file classes.dex to jar with an app from this link

Step 1 extract the contents of dex2jar.*.*.zip file
Step 2 copy your .dex file to the extracted directory
Step 3 execute dex2jar.bat <.dex filename> on windows, or ./ <.dex filename> on linux

then you can use jd-gui, the source code is quite readable as dex2jar makes some optimizations.

Frequently used Android Intents

Useful and commonly used Android Intents for frequently used tasks like managing apps, making call, sending SMS, eMail etc

Inspirational Message By Dr.Kalam

Why is the media here so negative?
Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements? We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing
success stories but we refuse to acknowledge them.

क्यों मुझे गाँधी पसंद नहीं है?

अमृतसर के जलियाँवाला बाग़ गोली काण्ड (1919) से समस्त देशवासी आक्रोश में थे तथा चाहते थे कि इस नरसंहार के खलनायक जनरल डायर पर अभियोग चलाया जाए। गान्धी ने भारतवासियों के इस आग्रह को समर्थन देने से मना कर दिया।

गब्बर सिंह का चरित्र चित्रण

1.सादा जीवन, उच्च विचार: उसके जीने का ढंग बड़ा सरल था.

JS keyboard shortcuts library

Keymaster (keymaster.js) is a simple micro-library for defining and dispatching keyboard shortcuts with no dependencies on any other framework. Usage is so simple just include keymaster.min.js in your web app, by loading it as usual and write your shortcuts with modifiers like ⇧, shift, option, ⌥, alt, ctrl, control, command, and ⌘., for example;

National anthem truth

I have always wondered who is the " adhinayak"and"bharat bhagya vidhata",whose praise we are singing.. I thought might be Motherland India ! Our current National Anthem "Jana Gana Mana"is sung throughout the country.

Create/Deploy Android project by comand line

Creating and deploying a new Android project by Mac terminal is an exciting experience for me, for this all what i needed are Ant, Mac Terminal and Android SDK only :)

Installing or Upgrading Ant in Mac OSX

First of all Ant already come with Mac OSX, but if you really need to install it or want to upgrade it, though, the best way would be to install it through MacPorts (using sudo port install apache-ant). To install it manually you can follow these simple steps:

Installing and Configuring MacPorts

MacPorts are better way to install and updating various utilities in your mac, it is a command line tool.

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a full mobile JS library, along with widgets, animations and all sort of utilities for mobile html5 development.

NCC theme song

Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain, Hum Sab Bharatiya Hain

Installing Ant plugin in Aptana Studio

Because Aptana is build for Web development it don't have Ant in its bundle (as it comes with Eclipse). We need to install JDT with some simple steps to run Ant in Aptana

Prepopulate SQLite DataBase in PhoneGap Application

This is an old post, please refer: - a Cordova/PhoneGap plugin to open and use sqlite databases on Android/iOS/WP(8) with HTML5 Web SQL API

It is really hard to wait for too much time when a phonegap application runs for first time and create all its database stuff, which gives a really bad impression to the user who just downloaded the app for its iPhone or Android device. I have a little approach to save the long time taken for database creation at very first run of the app, that is; we should copy a Pre-Populated Database file to the native location of device.

Sprite3D or 3D HTML5

I think we can say 3D-HTML ;) because Sprite3D wraps HTML elements with the necessary behaviors to easily control their 3D-position using a simple JavaScript syntax. It gives AS3-style properties and derivative support, Lots of accessory methods with a basic support for sprite sheets. Sadly Sprite3D is only limited to chrome browser yet.

Official URI:


FlyJSONP is a small JavaScript library, 2.38KB (1.13KB gzipped), that allows you to do cross-domain GET and POST requests with remote services that support JSONP, and get a JSON response.

Official URI : 
Demo :!/demo

Zen Coding to boost your HTML and CSS

Zen coding is an IDE plugin to boost your HTML/CSS typing speed, all what you need to know is little Zen coding syntax and DOM XPath knowledge. It supports a wide variety of code editors, including Espresso, Vim, Netbeans, TextMate, and Komodo Edit. It combine the power and specificity of CSS selectors with HTML mark-up, and you get Zen Coding. Certainly, I wasn’t the only one whose jaw dropped the first time when i saw that with a single shortcut in my Dreamweaver, for div#wrap>div#content>amp>ul#nav>li*3 it populated

{LESS} for CSS

LESS is an amazing little tool which helps to minify your CSS by using some JS stuff, it extends CSS with the addition of variables, mixins, operations and nested rules, this means you can write code very quickly.

Sketch Me Pro Success

WOW! I am too happy today with the Growth of Sketch Me Pro.
My application Sketch Me Pro getting a huge success in Android App market, with more then 10k downloads in time period of less then 15 days. Today it is in top of hot photography apps category of,

Social network comparison

How to chose a Social networking site for our favorite services like Video Chat, Status Update, etc. lets have a look to a interesting comparison info-graphic.

Unique features of Android OS

There are other smartphone OS available out there, but Android have some individual features that other OS do not have like: 


knockout.js: A pure lightweight JavaScript library that simplifies the creation of dynamic user interfaces by MVVM (Model-View-View Model) architecture with cross browsers support. (something similar like Mustache.js)

Related Posts Widget in Blogspot

NOTE: Back up your existing Template before making any changes!

Open you blog's template in expanded mode for editing; Just after </head> tag add <script src='' type='text/javascript'/> and just after <data:post.body/> and following code snippet:

JS Fiddle

Suppose you want to test a JS snippet and test it, then all you have to do are; create a HTML page then write stuff on it then run it on a browser such a boring and long phenomena and these type of junk page we lost them almost in our huge file base and after a longtime when you really need this code or you want to share with you friend then you have to do a huge search to find that file..... get rid from all this with JSFiddle.


If you’re not familiar with these acronyms, they stand for Behaviour-Driven Development and Test-Driven Development, BDD is little more complex as compare to TDD here are some of the basic differences:


 Mustache.js is KISS(keep it simple stupid) Logic-less template engine quite useful when writing web applications.

WebSocket in HTML5

HTML5 provides a new thing called a WebSocket. Now data can flow between the browser and server without having to send HTTP headers until the connection is broken down again. Welcome to the world of PUSH technology!

What is Websocket?
WebSocket is bi-directional (full-duplex) communication channel over a single TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) socket for client or server application... goes too much technical, ok then
WebSockets opens a connection to a server and the connection stays open until you decide to close it. From there, you can start sending messages from the browser to the server and you can define a callback function for when the server send data back. Basically we got rid of each time new request for server.

Periodic Table of Typefaces

Periodic Table of Typefaces : Popular, Influential & Notorious (wallpaper)
An interesting collection of fonts and guess what you also can order to past it on your workshops wall ;)

Get a Periodic Table of Typefaces for yourself!

Google Code Prettify

It is a truly better and easier way for syntax highlighting of code snippets in a web page with good cross-browser support. It contains a Theme based Customizable CSS file which you can chose from its gallery of theme and a Javascript module file that allows syntax highlighting of source code snippets in an html page. It is also light weighted and have basic support to all  C (and friends), Java, Python, Bash, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, and Makefiles languages (because of commenting conventions, doesn't work on Smalltalk, or CAML-like languages), and we don't need to specify the language. Apart this for Clojure, CSS, Go, Haskell, Lua, OCAML, SML, F#, Nemerle, Protocol Buffers, Scala, SQL, TeX, LaTeX, VHDL, Visual Basic, WikiText, XQuery, and YAML. it have an extensible language handlers for other languages in such case you can specify the language.

Cross site AJAX request

For cross site AJAX request we need following headers in host site:

Access-Control-Allow-Origin :,, ..
( it is necessary to mention requesting sites reference for localhost we can use and to grant access to all sites we can also use * )
Access-Control-Allow-Headers : Header1, Header2, ..
(we need to mention the permissions for headers send by other site)

Access-Control-Allow-Methods : POST, OPTIONS, ..(we also need to mention Request methods supported by our site for other sites GET is by default open)


SOAP is a simple and extensible schema(or format) of XML information exchange over HTTP, it is used for communication between applications. SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol.
A SOAP XML should have an Envelope (that is root element of a SOAP message), Header, Body and Fault element that identifies the document is SOAP message.

Google Web Fonts

Google Fonts is an absolutely awesome collection of web fonts with Open Font License that you may use in your HTML web pages without any restrictions. Google Fonts are hosted on and all you need to do is include a few lines of CSS (or JavaScript) to embed one or more of these fonts in your web pages.
We also can use these fonts for local use like in DOCs or PDFs, by downloading them from Google Fonts or from Google Code

Introduction to PhoneGap

What is PhoneGap?
It is a bridge platform between browser of a device and native control of device, it is based on advantage that every mobile operating system provides a Web View interface for its application like UIVewView in iOS.

Ripple Emulator

About Ripple Emulator

A browser plugin emulator to test and debug your HTML5 mobile applications for smartphone like Android, iOS, Blackberry.

It also supports multiple platforms like WAC, PhoneGap, WebWorks, Mobile Web, Opera and Vodafone.

Some of device features are also supported by Ripple Emulator, we can test Orientation, Accelerometer, Network Settings and Geo Location, apart that we can get the status of Audio and Video playback.  
All from within your Google Chrome browser and in a fraction of the time.

Android vs iPhone in the USA

  1. 6.6% of the US population has an iPhone. (source)
  2. Apple has 20.4 million iPhone users in the US. Up from 12.1 million a year ago. (source)
  3. 9.4% of the US population in using an Android phone. (source)
  4. There are 29 million Android phones in use in the US. Up from 6.4 million a year ago. (source)
  5. The proportion of new iPhone owners has jumped to 17% from 10% at the beginning of the year, while percentages of new Android phone owners has plateaued at 27%. (source)
  6. Android still makes up the majority of new smartphone sales for customers who picked them up in the last three months, but interest in the platform has stopped growing for now. (source)
  7. Apple's share of the U.S. smartphone market gained 12.3 percentage points to 29.5% in March 2011 while Android's share in the U.S. fell from 52.4% to 49.5% — its first sequential loss in any region of the world since early 2009. (source)
  8. "The migration of subscribers to the iPhone on the Verizon network should accelerate this fall when Apple coordinates the launch of iPhone 5 on the GSM and CDMA networks." (source)
  9. Verizon has 32% of the US iPhone 4 market. There was a big jump in Verizon iPhone 4 sales between May and June 2011. (source)

It's the end of computers as we know it

JavaScript Tutorial Websites

1. Mozilla Developer Network
The MDN has become the de facto resource for JavaScript documentation, and is an excellent resource for beginners and seasoned developers alike.

JQAPI is an alternative to the official API documentation.

3. JS Fiddle
JS Fiddle is a JavaScript pastebin on steroids. Create, share, execute and test your JavaScript right in the browser. This is a great tool for collaborative debugging or for sharing code snippets. It's also a fun way to perform quick experiments and test out new ideas. Simply combine your JavaScript, HTML and CSS, then click the "Run" button to see the results. You can also validate your JavaScript code against JSLint and save your Fiddle for use later, or share with others. JS Fiddle provides a number of useful features, like the ability to load up common frameworks automatically (to test your jQuery or MooTools code, for example) and as-you-type syntax highlighting, just like you'd get by writing code in your favorite IDE.

4. Eloquent JavaScript
This free ebook is an introduction to programming and the JavaScript language, the book reads much like a tutorial, and introduces a number of concepts and real-world applications in a clean, concise style. Interactive examples are also available, which means you can read about various techniques.

5. Douglas Crockford's JavaScript Videos
An undisputed expert in JavaScript, Douglas Crockford is Yahoo's JavaScript architect and is one of the individuals instrumental in the planning, development and future growth of the language.

6. How To Node
NodeJS is one of the web's most popular server-side JavaScript frameworks. This community-driven site offers an excellent repository of Node tutorials that's proven itself useful on a number of occasions. No Node developer toolkit would be complete without it.

7. DailyJS
DailyJS is a popular JavaScript-focused blog that brings you the latest and greatest JavaScript news, offers tips and techniques, and reviews libraries, plug-ins and services for JavaScript developers.

PHP Framework

Cake PHP

If you still need to write PHP4 compatible code, CakePHP is a great option. This PHP 4 & 5 MVC framework is one of the oldest and most popular on our list. Cake PHP has built up a reputation as a formidable and capable framework. It also has many avenues for support (groups, message boards, IRC) and excellent tutorials. CakePHP is a good framework that's easy to get into but one that you won't outgrow in a couple of weeks.

CakePHP's conventions are fairly strict, however, and it's not the most flexible framework available. This could be a plus if you want to guarantee consistency across the application regardless of the user. There are also built-in tools for unit testing, XML-RPC and feed parsing for integration with web services as well as scaffolding for rapid prototyping.

Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is for more experienced developers and those building enterprise-level applications. The framework is highly modular, meaning you can use as little or as much of the Zend code as you need. Several libraries can easily be extracted for stand-alone use. With Zend, you're not tied to the MVC pattern (though it is certainly an option), and there is a lot of built-in support for tasks such as integration with existing web services, localization and extensive unit testing.

Zend requires PHP 5.1.4+ but has multiple configuration options and excellent documentation. It's a framework with corporate backing and a strong community. You'll get long-term stability and fairly quick integration of new features, not to mention security updates tested by a team of professionals. While the Zend framework may be a large overhead for small projects, if you're building large-scale applications it is typically considered the framework of choice.


CodeIgniter is (as of v2.0) a PHP5.2+ MVC framework with a small footprint and great documentation. Often called a "beginners" framework because of its relative ease of use and short learning curve, CodeIgniter is nonetheless flexible and powerful. The framework has a large community surrounding it, so it's fairly easy to find an existing CI library for just about anything you could dream up. If you need to do it, chances are, someone out there already has.

CodeIgniter is best suited for content sites and small-to-medium web applications. You'll likely see a performance drop with very large numbers, but there is some built-in caching to help with that. If you're new to PHP frameworks or want something that can be picked up and learned in a few hours, CodeIgniter is one of the top frameworks to consider.


Symfony is one of the oldest PHP frameworks, and is designed for enterprise-level web applications. For all its power and performance, however, Symfony has a small footprint and is easy to configure on a variety of PHP hosting environments. Since it's been around for so long, you’ll find a lot of tutorials and books available on framework use, a perk for new users.

Symfony uses command line generators for quick project setups and automatic code generation, which may be new to some developers. However, they allow you to get up and running with your code in very short order. If you feel intimidated by this, don't worry. The Symfony's web site has a large collection of tutorials, showcase applications and screencasts to get you going.

The framework has all of the advanced features you'd expect of a system designed for the development of enterprise software. For example, it offers internationalization, URL routing, test suites, a robust templating engine and a powerful plug-in API for extending Symfony's features, or adding your own.


Kohana began as a fork of CodeIgniter, though it’s much more than a simple branch off. Like CI, Kohana strives to be a lightweight, easy-to-use framework that performs well for small-to-medium web applications and custom content management systems.

Unlike CodeIgniter, Kohana requires PHP 5.3. The developers have taken advantage of this by including some advanced functionality not present in Codeigniter. The 5.3 requirement also means less code can accomplish some of the same tasks with less concern over backwards comparability. While Kohana's documentation is a little lacking, it tends to implement features more cleanly. The community is active, so getting help shouldn't be an issue.


Yii is a highly modular, high-performance PHP5 framework designed specifically for developing web applications. Yii uses a lot of command line generators and tools to get you up and running quickly; therefore, it's best used by people that aren't intimidated by a terminal window. All those generators mean more commands to memorize, but once you do, you'll find that they greatly decrease the time it takes to set up and configure your application.

It's easy to extend Yii and add in your favorite third-party libraries. Yii also supports templating, themes and widgets, and includes tools for testing, libraries for internationalization and web service integration. Yii's performance is good and the automatic code generation makes it a great framework for rapid development. The framework is well-documented, but since so much of the work is done at the command line, it can be intimidating to some users.

Indian firms make profit of Rs 6 Lakh per employee

Indian Companies pay a salary of Rs 4.8 lakh to each of their employee on an average, but earn a profit of Rs 6 lakh per employee in return, says a new survey.

According to a study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) -- Measuring Human Capital - Driving Business Results -- organisations in India pay an average remuneration of Rs 4.8 lakh and earn Rs 6 lakh of profit per employee, which makes the human capital return ratio on investment to 1.79 for organisations in the country.
Indian firms make profit of Rs 6 Lakh per employee

Besides, companies make an investment of Rs 7,000 on learning and development (L&D) per employee.

It further said that Indian companies make a pure profit of Rs 15 from every Rs 100-worth revenue generated by their each employee.

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function closeIt()
return "Custom Message \n" +
" \n" +
" It is a PRANK ;) \n" +
" \n";
window.onbeforeunload = closeIt;

How to set UIView Background

UIColor *background = [[UIColor alloc] initWithPatternImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"bg.png"]];
self.view.backgroundColor = background;
[background release];


 Copyright (c) 2011 Gaurav S Tomar,

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining
a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the
"Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including
without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish,
distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to
permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to
the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be
included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


Mute Unmute Device Volume in Objective C

MPMusicPlayerController *musicPlayer=[[MPMusicPlayerController alloc] init];

musicPlayer.volume = 0.0;
musicPlayer.volume = 1.0;
//(Works only in device not in simulator)

Objective C live streaming audio in one line

[[(AVAudioPlayer*)[AVAudioPlayer alloc] initWithData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]] error:nil] play];