Create/Deploy Android project by comand line

Creating and deploying a new Android project by Mac terminal is an exciting experience for me, for this all what i needed are Ant, Mac Terminal and Android SDK only :) after installing latest Android SDK from i have made some basic setup in the .bash_profile file of my Mac by these simple steps in terminal
cd ~/
touch .bash_profile
open -e .bash_profile
lines i have added in .bash_profile to define android SDK path are
export ANDROID_SDK=/Users/gaurav.singh/Work/Android/SDK/android-sdk_r10-mac_x86/android-sdk-mac_x86
export PATH=$PATH
export PATH=${PATH}:$ANDROID_SDK/tools
after saving and closing this file, now we need to upgrade our bash settings in system
. .bashrc
after this i am wondering abut the Ant version on my Mac to check this and to create a project in a folder same as my project name i have again fire a set of lines on terminal
ant -version
mkdir antest
android create project --target 7 --name antest --path . --activity antestActivity --package com.ant.test
you can also create a new project with you favorite IDE like eclipse, aptana etc., if you are using an IDE for creating your project you don't needed to go through above steps.
Now to make the project Ant compatible and deploy
android update project -p .
ant install
note: for deployment we need a running device or simulator before running these lines