New in Cocoa Touch

With iOS 8 Apple is now providing easy access to there native visual effects (i.e; Condensing Bars, UIBlurEffects, UIVibrancyEffect, etc.)
Now notifications will work only for UI, that means if user don't approve the Push Notification the app can still get payload (which can be upto 1kb insteed of 256b). Notification can have action associated with them as well, like a Reply button. Notification can be configured based on user location as well.

iOS 8 is more about adaptivity in how we design our apps architecture, with its new resizable iOS Simulator and all new features, i.e;
  1. Adaptive View Controllers i.e;
    • Adaptive Layout (i.e; Orientation, size and margins). Margins adaptivity can be achived by Layout Guide. Orientation, size adaptivity can be achived by Trait Collection, it is for everything you need to know about layout. Trait Collection is based on Size classes, Display scale and User interface idiom.
    • Adaptive View Controller Hierarchies (i.e; Unifyed Code). Split View Controller will be auto managed as Navigation View Controller for iPad and iPhone with enhanced customizability.
  2. Adaptive Presentation (i.e; Popovers, Search results, Alerts etc.) e.g; UIAlertController will replace UIAlertView in iPhone and UIActionSheet in iPad
  3. Adaptive Text and Tables (i.e; They have also introduces some long awaited features like auto height for table row)
  4. App Extensions

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